5 Ways to Make your Job Search Successful with Korvia

5 Ways to Make your Job Search Successful with Korvia

1. Profile Photo is Important than You Think it is! 

Welcome to Korea, one of the most appearance oriented countries in the world! Apart from the discussion of whether it is politically correct or not, it is essential, especially if you are applying for a job from a thousand miles away! 
So double-check your profile photo and see if you are professional-looking, friendly and smiley, intelligent. It doesn't have to be a passport photo with a white background and no smile on your face.
Let it be as natural as possible and show your future employers your appeal!  

    2. Consider Taking a TEFL/TESOL Certificate! 

Teaching English is not an easy job. You have to be fully prepared for the class in advance and have to fix what you have prepared based on your audience's response. You have to motivate them to enjoy the lesson you prepared for them, and they should have to learn something while enjoying the activities you secretly design for them. You have to give them a reasonable amount of homework to make sure they review and understand what they have learned. This is what we call a teachers' "duty & responsibility," and Korean employers usually rely on your "sixth sense" instead of providing proper guidelines or training. Therefore, having a TEFL / TESOL certificate is a necessary qualification you need to prepare before considering applying for ESL jobs. With TEFL/TESOL training, you can, at least, figure out how to manage the classroom, make a lesson plan, start and complete the lesson, etc.

Korvia provides TEFL information on our website https://www.korvia.com/tefl/, but you can find lots of different TEFL options, as well. If you can get some in-class TEFL components, not only will that be beneficial for you, but you will gain an idea of what to expect!  

    3. Make a Self-introduction Video 

We do not strongly suggest making a self-introduction video as much as we used to. However, it still can be the best way to present yourself to the schools! For some programs, it is a mandatory part of the application process to submit an introduction video for GOE or other public school programs. 

I want to introduce one of korvia's legendary webinar [how to make the perfect self-introduction video]. Oh! By the way, if you haven't seen the official Korvia Video, please check it out! 

     4. Prepare Recommendation Letters

It is imperative to prepare recommendation letters if you apply for a public school program. Korvia Consulting requests at least one recommendation letter for candidates applying for private institutions as well. We will be one of your references, but we hope you can support us with other references. 

Suppose you have a teaching-related experience. That will be more beneficial for you since your future employer can have an idea of how you are as a teacher. If not, getting one from Academic Sources is a great alternative. Check out Korvia Guide: https://www.korvia.com/letters-of-recommendation/ and find a sample letter in the link below. 

    5. Check out your Inbox Promptly and Respond to Suggestion Emails

Professional Korvia recruiters will search for your jobs and continue to suggest to you an available position. Whenever you get a suggestion email from one of the Korvia recruiters, please click the Green 'Submit Opinion' button. 

Once you click the button, you can leave recruiters a comment about the job or rank(star) the suggestion. We will specify your preferences as much as we can! 

Let's succeed in the job search with Korvia! 


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