E2 Visa Instruction for Transferring Teachers in Korea (Renewing ARC for New Employment)

E2 Visa Instruction for Transferring Teachers in Korea (Renewing ARC for New Employment)

[E2 Visa Instructions for Transferring Teachers]

This visa guide is for teachers that are in the process of completing the current teaching contract in Korea and relocating to a new school. Applicants should renew their ARC for the new employment and report the change of workplace within 15 days after their new contract starts. They will need to visit their local immigration office in person to complete the process. If their ARC expires before the 15 days, the visa renewal and transfer should be done before the expiration date. 

Step 1: Locate the immigration office that holds jurisdiction over the area where the new accommodation is. If you have your own housing, please visit the immigration office that is in charge of that area. Find the immigration office information from List of Immigration Office in Korea

Step 2: Discuss with your recruiter when you can visit the immigration office. Check out How to make a reservation in the immigration office and make an appointment at hikorea.go.kr

Step 3: Collect the following documents for your immigration office visit. 

You Prepare 
Get from New School 
Application Form (no.34 form)v 
Report Form of Employment Alterationv 
Passport along with an additional photocopy v 
ARC along with an additional photocopy v 
1 Original and 1  additional photocopy of the contract signed by you and the new school v
Photocopy of School Business Certificate/License v
Status form of students  v
Weekly teaching timetable v
Photocopy of school registration (applicable to private academies only) v
1 photocopy of Housing Lease Contract v
Confirmation Letter of Residence
Application Fee: 60,000 ~ 90,000 KRW 
(New ARC card mailing service: 3,000 KRW)
Passport style photo (if you need a new ARC card): 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm in size 
Labor Income Origin Collection Receipt (근로소득원천징수영수증) from the current school

Foreigner Occupation And Annual Income Report Form (외국인 직업 및 연간 소득금액 신고서)

Income Certificate from the local tax office (소득금액증명원)

Proof of Employment: optional 

  *If your housing contract is under your name, you need the housing contract copy only, but you do not need to prepare the confirmation of residence (no. 11 on the list). 
  *If another person's name is on the lease, not yours, you need the confirmation of residence and the person's ID copy as well as the housing contract copy

  *The immigration may request additional documents in the following cases:
      A. if you are a current EPIK/GOE/TaLK teacher
        --> A photocopy of the Apostilled BA degree / the Apostilled Criminal Background Check from the Office of Education office 
        --> E2 Medical check results in a sealed envelope from a certified hospital 

      B. if you leave your current job early, not completing the employment
        --> Original Release Letter signed by the current employer 

Step 4: Visit your local immigration office at your reserved date and time. Submit your application as well as the required documents to them.  

Step 5: Your visa will be transferred on the same day you visit the office. For a new ARC card, you may come to the immigration office for pick-up in 2~4 weeks. 
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