Can I get a FBI background check while I am staying in Korea?

Can I get a FBI background check while I am staying in Korea?

Yes, you can. You have to use two expediting services to obtain both FBI background result and Apostille on the FBI result. 

1. Print this fingerprint form, and visit a local police station

You need to visit District Police Station (Main ones) There is a department called 보안과 외사계 (Foreign Affairs Department), and they will observe and help you get your fingerprints completed and sign (stamp) on the paper to make the form official.


2. Fill out the Accurate Biometrics Application form

  • choose option 1: which gives you an electronic version of the FBI background check result to the provided email address.

3. Post (suggest to use DHL or FedEx if possible, but if you don’t visit a post office to use EMS service) to send your fingerprints to Accurate Biometrics office in US then they will send you an FBI background check result to your email address once they have a background check result.

4. Once you received an FBI background check result on your email address, you can now apply for getting it apostille with the electronic result.

NOTICE: Be aware that you can only download the result one time!!

5. Please fill out Monument Visa service application form for getting Apostille service!

You can submit electronic copies of FBI background check for this service, then after they get apostille stamp on the FBI background check result, They will deliver the result to Seoul (Korea)


Please read the article for more information

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