Can I use a channeler to obtain my FBI Identity History Summary Check

Can I use a channeler to obtain my FBI Identity History Summary Check

Yes. As of 2014, both Immigration offices and educational offices in Korea have started to accept FBI Identity History Summary Checks issued from an official FBI-approved channeler. Korvia recommends using Accurate Biometrics and has a special partnership set up with them to make sure you obtain the written type of channelled FBI IHSC. For more information please visit the Accurate Biometrics Korvia Process Page.
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    • Can I apply if I have DUI record?

      While we cannot give official legal advice on the matter, we recommend applying for an FBI identity history summary check before pursuing applying to any particular program. If the arrest appears on the FBI IHSC, then, unfortunately, you will not be ...
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      For more information on how to apply for a criminal background check, please visit the Criminal Background Check Korvia Guide.  
    • Do you have any assistance/ more information for the process of obtaining a US FBI check?

      The following two companies are associating with Korvia regarding the two kinds of document. One of the companies is Accurate Biometrics (for the FBI check), and the other is Monument Visa (for the apostille process).  -       The Accurate Biometrics ...