[Covid-19] Instructions for Quarantine Subject

[Covid-19] Instructions for Quarantine Subject

Greetings from Korvia!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication you have done thus far. Under this international tragedy, You made this possible and now finally coming to Korea! 

I am sure there are lots of questions that you have regarding the procedure of arrival. Please read the guidelines carefully below and plan for successful arrival. Like you have done, you can clear the last hurdle. Please read the below article carefully! 

You have your E-2 visa (long-term stay) can go into Self - quarantine in their homes. Your employer will provide your housing upon your arrival (unless facility isolation has been agreed by each party) and they will pay for the rent during your stay. There are few things you need to expect at the airport. 

  • Must Wear a facemask all the time and minimize contact or conversation with others. 
  • If you are using a call van service that we have arranged, the driver has a picket with your name on it. He will take you to your arranged housing, unfortunately no one can meet you there for 14 days
  • If your school is located out of Seoul and Gyeonggi province, you should use specially designated Airport limousine bus which takes you to Gwangmyeong station (KTX) 
  • Right after arriving home, should dial to local health center (1339) and inform them you are under quarantine. your employer will help you this matter as well.
  • Follow Self - Diagnosis and Self - quarantine rule for 14 days. 

During your Quarantine

It depends on local district health office, but mostly, Korean Health officer will visit your home the very next day of your arrival. you need to visit local health office to take Covid-19 test. Even though the result is negative, you still continue quarantine for the last 14 days. When they visit, they will bring a package of Survival Kit. The materials can be varied by each office, but it is usually instant food package! photos attached below!


Other tips! 

Even though Korean health office will provide you some food, you still need to shopping for the food and other stuff. if you do not have Kakao talk app on your mobile, please download one now as it is most easier way to communicate with your employer. 


You can also see how other people overcome this time as well, 

Please stay safe and take great care of your Journey! 
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