E2 Medical Check / Health Check in Korea

E2 Medical Check / Health Check in Korea

The Health Check will follow shortly after your arrival (it should be done within 3 months of your arrival according to immigration laws). The check typically costs around 100,000 KRW, which is an expense you will have to pay, and it examines TBPE and drugs (cannabinoids that indicate marijuana use). The drug test checks for all kinds of drugs, including marijuana. *Marijuana is not legal in Korea

Pain pills also can show up on a drug test, and they can lead to a false positive. To prevent this, Korvia strongly recommends teachers not to take ANY medication from the week of their departure to Korea until the medical check-up day in Korea (no medication at least for a week). If the drug test results are positive, their contract can be immediately terminated.

※ You should take the Medical Check-up at a government-approved hospital, public health clinic, or general hospital according to the immigration laws. Since you will not be familiar with the area, your director/manager/co-teacher/handler will help you to find a hospital that can do E2 medical tests.

To apply for your ARC, your health check results need to be submitted as part of your application. And for the education office registry as well. The results are good for 1 month only.

[ What to prepare for getting a Medical Check-up ]
  1. Passport style Photos: 2~5 copies
  2. Valid Passport
  3. Cost: 70,000~130,000 KRW (1,000 ~ 5,000 KRW for an additional copy of check-up results)
  4. You have to fast for at least 8 hours before the tests 
  5. Depending on the hospitals, they might not accept walk-in visits for the medical tests

Medical Check will include, 
    - Blood pressure test 
    - Height / Weight 
    - Eyesight test 
    - Chest X-ray 
    - Urine test 
    - Checking your teeth