E2 Visa Application Documents

E2 Visa Application Documents

After getting the visa confirmation number from the immigration office in Korea, you are required to submit the following documents to the Korean embassy/consulate in the jurisdiction of your area (usually your permanent address) in order to apply for an E2 visa (teaching visa).  

Below is the list of Basic Requirements for the E2 visa, and there can be additional documents requested, depending on the embassy or consulate. 

  1.  Visa Application Form 

  1. Print out the visa application form and fill in your information
  2. Put the date of application and sign it in pen  
  2.  Confirmation of Visa Issuance

  1. Download it on https://www.visa.go.kr/openPage.do?MENU_ID=10301  
  2. it is all filled so you just should put the application date and sign it in pen 
  3. Consul's Check List 

  1. Download the form and fill it out (no. 1~6) 
  2. Click and download - https://workdrive.zohoexternal.com/external/axgYMmciQHb-K90cy
  4. Passport 

  1. should have at least 6 months remaining validity  
  5. Passport-Sized Photo

  1. a colored passport-sized photo should be attached to the visa application form
  6. Self-addressed Prepaid Envelop for Return

  1. Only applicable to visa applicants who send the visa documents by courier 
  2. Do not use regular mail. Overnight Express is necessary 
  7. Health Condition Report Form 

  1. The form can be found on the website of each Korean consulate or embassy 
  2. Example - https://workdrive.zohoexternal.com/external/axgYMmbMiIA-K90cy
  8.  Visa Fee

  1. Check with your local Korean embassy or consulate
  2. Money-order is only acceptable if you send the visa documents via mail 
  3. Cash is only acceptable if you go in person and drop off your documents** 

**You can do the application through mail. However, it will be a faster process if you go in person. You might be required to book your visit with the consulate/embassy prior to the visit, and walk-ins could not be accepted, depending on the consulate/embassy. Please check with your local consulate/embassy in advance if you plan to go in person