E2 visa Process for Transfer Teachers (Check list)

E2 visa Process for Transfer Teachers (Check list)

[E2 Visa Instruction for Transfering teachers]

This guide is for teacher is a Checklist for what to bring to the immigration office when you transfer your visa. 
When you complete your current contract and decided to simply moves to the other employer, You can transfer your E2 visa under a new employer's sponsor.

It has to be reported within 15 days after you start the new employment and has to be reported anytime before your Current ARC expires as well. 
You must book the immigration office to apply, so check out how to book the immigration office first, 

Documents list
Application Form (Report Form)

Application form Employer Change

Passport along with photo copy of it

ARC along with photo copy of it

1 Both party signed Contract

Photocopy of School business certificate

Form of School's students' status

Weekly teaching time table

Photo copy of Housing Contract

Confirmation Letter for the Accomodation Residency

Application Fee (60,000 ~ 130,000 KRW) 

Official Income Statement (tax record) form


Sometimes extra documents required to be submitted based on the reasons below, 

A. If you are current EPIK or TALK teacher who never submitted Apostilled Degree and CRC, they will request you to submit the original copy that you have given from the board of education. 
B. If you are not completing a Contract, you will be required the original release letter from the current employer. 
C .  If you are applying for E2 visa from other types of visa (like D10, H2, SOFA), you will be required the original Sealed Medical check result 

D. if your housing is not provided from the employer, you need to prepare housing contract and Accommodation residency form (거주제공확인서) 
E. Official income Statement (납세증명서) can be asked from your current employer at the end of the contract

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