How to apply ARC in Korea

How to apply ARC in Korea?

Here are steps on how to apply ARC in South Korea. You must obtain a medical health check result before applying ARC. The check typically cost around 100,000 KRW, which includes TBPE, and drugs. The drug test checks for all kinds of drugs including marijuana.

STEP 1. Get a Health Check in Korea - List of Hospital

STEP 2. Find and schedule a mutually agreeable time for you and your school that will enable you enough time to visit your local immigration office.

STEP 3. Make an appointment to visit the immigration office. Please follow this link:

STEP 4. Visit the immigration office at your scheduled time.

STEP 5. Submit the required documents listed below to the immigration office clerk. Opt to have your ARC mailed back yo your address. There will be an extra small shipping fee added.(3,000 KRW)

STEP 6. Wait for your ARC to be processed and sent back to you by mail. It should be mailed to you within 3~5 weeks.

[ Required Documents]
1. Application Form
2. 1 Passport-sized photo
3. Original Passport along with a photocopy (여권 원본 / 사본)
4. 1 Sealed Medical Test Result
5. Photocopy of School's Business certificate (사업자등록증 / 고유번호증)
6. Photocopy of Housing Contract (숙소계약서 사본)
7.  Confirmation letter for the accommodation residency (거주숙소제공동의서)
8. Application Fee (30,000 KRW) (수수료) + Shipping Fee (3,000 KRW) - Cash Only

 Required Documents for Medical Exam
 1. Passport photos
 2. Valid Passport
 3. Testing fee: 60,000~150,000 KRW (extra copies are about 1,000~5,000 KRW)

* Please avoid eating 5-8 hours before the test.

**List of E2 visa Medical Exam Hospitals: