How to Apply E2 visa from Korean consulate in China

How to Apply E2 visa from Korean consulate in China

There are increasing numbers of applicants who are currently in China and wish to move their jobs in Korea. Korean consulate in China seems not too familiar issuing Korean working permit to those Non-Chinese applicants. 

This is the information that we find out from Korean consulate in Shenyang about issuing your E2 visa from the Korean consulate in China. 

1. You can only apply for your visa by visiting them in person. You can use Tour agency to apply for the visa on your behalf but No postal service is available 

2. these are the documents list you need to apply for a visa

  • A photo attached Visa Application form 
  • A passport 
  • A copy of passport (photo page)
  • A copy of Degree 
  • Medical check Result 

3. The Medical check Result part is different from other Korean consulates and what the process more difficult. you must get the Medical check from one of the Accredited Health inspection services bureaus not from any hospital. 

I heard from other applicants about different rumours that it is almost impossible to apply for Visa from Korean consulates in China. but it is possible anyway! 


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