How to apply F-6 Visa from Overseas Korean Consulate

How to apply F-6 Visa from Overseas Korean Consulate

General Information 
  1. F6 visa is a marriage migrant visa for who married a Korean citizen. 
Documents to prepare
  1. A passport and an ARC 
  2. Application form (attached) 
  3. A photo (3.5 * 4.5) 
  4. Fee (130,000 KRW) 
  5. A Family relation certificate (가족관계증명서)
  6. Proof of marriage (결혼증명서) 
  7. Basic certificate (기본증명서) 
  8. A residency certificate (주민등록등본) / Address has to be matched 
  9. A Character reference / this has to be filled by the Korean spouse 
  10. Invitation form / this has to be filled by Korean spouse
  11. Marriage detail form / this has to be filled by the foreign spouse 
  12. Documents related to income / 17,082,582 KRW per year
  13. Housing documents/lease contract, a certified copy of the real state registered original etc. 
  14. Language documents: 
  15. Application form supplementary Income Requirements by Family income and property
  16. Medical certificate 
  17. 30 pictures of marriage history together. 

Requirement 1. Sponsoring a foreign spouse will be limited to once every five years.
  1. Sponsorship will be prohibited if the sponsor(Korean national) has sponsored another foreign spouse in the past 5 years from the date of the visa application.

Requirement 2.  Income Requirement
  1. A visa will only be issued if the income (before tax) of a sponsor meets the income requirement based on the number of household members announced annually by the Minister of Justice. The 2020 income requirement by the number of household members is as follows:


Requirement 3. A requirement for Korean language capability 
A married migrant must submit one of the documents below at the time of visa application. However, in the case that a Korean language test cannot be conducted or there is no designated Korean language education institution in the country of the visa applicant, and the marriage migrant is unable to provide any one of the documents below, the reason must be briefly provided on the letter of sponsorship.
  1. Certificate of TOPIK equivalent to Level 1 or higher
  2. Certificate demonstrating the completion of a basic level of Korean language course in an education center designated by the Ministry of Justice
  3. Documents confirming the acquisition of a Korean language-related degree in a university and/or graduate school
  4. Documents proving that the marriage migrant is an ethnic Korean with foreign nationality
  5. Immigration records proving that the marriage migrant resided in Korea for a successive duration of a year or longer
Requirement 4. Residency requirement
A sponsor must have a residential space where a marriage migrant can reside upon entering Korea. Space must be owned or rented under the name of the sponsor or a member of his/her immediate family living with him/her represented on the resident registration. The residency requirement is subject to evaluation based on the size, the number of rooms, and the number of people living in that space other than the sponsor.

Requirement 5. 3-year lapse after naturalization through marriage
 If a sponsor is a naturalized Korean through marriage with a Korean national, and it has not been 3 years since the sponsor acquired Korean nationality, sponsorship of a foreign spouse is not permitted. #gettingaf6visiainkorea
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