How to make an online reservation for the immigration office

How to make an online reservation for the immigration office

Since 2017, the Korean immigration office only offers the service for those who made a reservation in advance. You need to make a reservation to apply for your Alien Registration Card or to transfer/extend your visa, etc. It is a simple process to follow, and you don't need to create an account to use their service. Please follow the guideline below and you can book it like a pro! 


**(Korvia is not able to make an appointment with the immigration office on behalf of you, and please make a reservation yourself)


1. Visit the immigration office website, 

2. Click on"Reserve Visit" and then "Online reservation"

3. You will be directed to the reservation page. Click the "Appointment reservations (non-member)" button

4. You can choose which Identification you can use between Alien Registration (ARC) No. and Passport No. to proceed. Either is fine.
    (1) If you choose to use the ARC, type your ARC number and the issue date and click "CONFIRM".

  (2) Choose to use your PASSPORT if you don't have an ARC.  But, in this case, make sure about the following:
         A. You are currently in Korea
         B. You have the visa issuance number

      Fill out the 3 sections (passport no. / Country / Date of birth) and click "CONFIRM" 

5. Once the Korean immigration office successfully identifies you, the sections such as "Supervising Agency" and "Visitor Name" will be automatically filled.

    Please click on "Others" under Booth Category; the "Accepted application" will change to "Application of Sojourn" automatically. Choose your preferred time and date for your visit to the immigration office and type in the phone number, the purpose of the visit. Put your password and click "Apply" to finish the reservation. 

6. The pop-up window will close, and you will be brought to the confirmation page. The date of the visit will be shown on your screen and the confirmation is ready to be printed. 

    * Please print out the appointment receipt and show it to the officer when you visit the immigration office.

    * Visiting immigration office is only available from 9 am to 6 pm, M-F. Also, you cannot reserve for the visit on a day, a weekend, and National Holiday. 

    * Be sure to arrive at the immigration office no later than 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment.

    * Online reservations are not for consultations. Please call the Immigration Contact Center at 1345 from anywhere in Korea for queries. 

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