I am an F visa holder and moved to a new place my employer provides. Do I have to report it to the immigration or another authority?

I am an F visa holder and moved to a new place my employer provides. Do I have to report it to the immigration or another authority?

- Yes, you have to. It should be within 14 days of when you move, or you get fined. You need to file a move-in report to the head of the city(시)/county(군) /district(구), or the head of the immigration service office with jurisdiction over the new place of residence. 

- Required Documents 
  Passport, Residence registration card (거소신고증), Proof of the place of residence (Housing lease contract copy & Confirmation of residence 거주숙소제공확인서), Application 

- How to do 
  (1) In-person application: Visit the General Affairs Division of the city/county/district office (민원실). Fill out the application and submit it along with the other documents.
  (2) Online application: E-application is available on hikorea.go.kr. Submit it along with scans of the required documents and pay a filing fee online with a credit card. 

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