Renewal with current school

Renewal with current school

Contract renewal decision should be confirmed at least two months before the completion date of your current contract. If you are renewing your contract with your school, you will need to sign and review the 2019 contract accordingly.


  • For E2 visa holders, you will need to expand your visa with the required documents at the immigration office that holds jurisdiction over the area that you live in.
  • F type visa holders and Korean citizenship holders are not required your change of workplace at the Korean immigration office.


Required Documents for Visa Extension (E2 visa holders)


  • Physical Passport and a photocopy of Passport
  • Physical Alien Registration Card (ARC) and a photocopy of ARC
  • Photocopy of School Business Certificate (고유번호증/사업자등록증)
  • Original and a photocopy of the signed contract
  • School Teaching Timetable with School stamp on
  • Application form (통합신청서) - download from immigration website (
  • Photocopy or Accommodation Lease (숙소임대차계약서 사본)
  • Confirmation letter for the Accommodation (거주/숙소제공확인서)
  • Invoice of withholding tax (원천징수영수증)
  • 60,000 KRW + Shipping fee 3,000 KRW


Additional Documents (If requested)

  • Apostilled Diploma & Apostilled Criminal Reference Check


Additional Documents (for hagwons’ teachers)


  • Proof of Employment (재직증명서)
  • Teacher utilization plan (강사활용계획서)


How to obtain the required documents

You must obtain a contract from the employer, and bring signed by both parties. Pick up a photocopy of the school business certificate, proof of employment and School teaching timetable from the employer.


Online Reservation System

You have to make a reservation before visiting the Korean Immigration office. Check the school schedule with an employer and reserve on the immigration authority website ( You must be the first register online to use the system. Print out the reservation time verification form, and show up at the office about 10 minutes before your appointed time. If you arrive later than your appointed time, your appointment will be nullified, and you must wait in line.