How to apply for E2 visa - EPIK Teachers

I am an EPIK teacher, how to apply E2 visa?

We advise you to contact the nearest Korean consulate in advance.

Step 1. Verify your personal information on NOA (Notice of Appointment) and contract

You have to make sure that the issued NOA and contract have correct personal information. You must contact the Korvia EPIK team immediately if your information is incorrect.

Step 2. Contact Nearest Korean Consulate and make an appointment

Most Korean consulate requires an appointment for visa application. Please try to contact them and find out specific instructions on how to make an appointment and prepare required documents for each consulate.

Step 3. Fill out the Visa application form

Please find attached the sample visa application form. You are applying E2-2 visa and your invitee is "EPIK"

MOE and POE Information for the address in Korea.

Step 4. Apply for a visa and book your flight

Please apply for your E2 visa and check your expected arrival schedule.

Step 5. Get a prepaid SIM card and start to pack your luggage.

Due to COVID-19, self-quarantine is required. We advice you to get your SIM card in advance because mostly you have no access to pick up your SIM card at the incheon airport.